Labourer Sam McGrath (44) has a few choice words for today’s youth whenever he gets around to meeting one outside of a Today show comment section.

Aside from what his selection of bumper stickers may suggest, McGrath is a very serious individual who reserves tough criticism for the generation that makes his life markedly harder somehow.

“Millennials just need to grow up,” states McGrath between thoughts about playing footy again and tits.

“These young people need to wake up and just act more mature.”

According to McGrath’s ex-wife Andrea McGrath (44), his criticism sounds pretty bloody rich as she believes he needs to do some growing up himself.

“The whole time we were together, he could never once say the word ‘vagina,’” stated Andrea McGrath with the type of conviction born of living with someone who destroyed all of your dreams.

“He also never washed a single dish but it’s mostly the not being able to say vagina that keeps me up some nights.”

Responding to his ex-wife’s allegations, Sam McGrath states he can say ‘that word’ but ‘just doesn’t want to right now’ before breaking into a fit of laughter.

More to come.


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