A nasty bully known for tormenting the halls of Betoota Girls Grammar has today taken to Facebook to share some heartwarming words of support for those going through a tough time.

Angela Webb [24] is said to have been in the popular group and had built up quite the reputation as the resident mean girl and the source of every nasty rumour.

Though she appeared to have settled down a little bit after graduating, it’s alleged her bullying queen bee behaviour had transferred quite nicely to nursing – an occupation that allowed her to bully nursing students whilst being saccharine sweet to anyone in a position higher than her.

To maintain her carefully crafted sweet girl persona, Angela has decided to publicly showcase her support towards the very marginalised community she torments.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone, which is why it’s so important to ask your friends and family R U OK?”

“Especially the ones that laugh the hardest, I find that they’re the ones who often need help most.”

“It only takes a single person to show they care, so if anyone is ever feeling low, please reach out.”

“I’m always here to talk.”

More to come.


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