A Melbourne man is today making some plans for an exciting year ahead.

Ange Postecoglou from South Melbourne told The Advocate that he can’t wait to start booking in a few weekend trips around Europe, after securing a plumb job in London.

Going through a quarter life crisis after working a public sector job in Australia for a few years, Postecoglou said he started looking for opportunities in the UK.

“I know it’s the typical Aussie moving to the UK thing, but it’s stereotypical for a reason,” laughed Postecoglou today.

“I’m looking forward to just living my best life and getting away from it all,” explained the young man whose just moved into a share house in Brixton with some other Aussies he met through a Facebook group.

Postecoglou said he decided to make the move after being offered a cushy job coaching the Premier League team Tottenham Hotspurs.

“I had a bit of fun in Glasgow, but it was time to mix things up,” explained the former coach of Celtic.

Moving down south, Postecoglou said he’s planning on doing the typical trips to places like Tuscany and the south of France, but wants to mix it up a little bit with some trips ‘off the beaten track.’

“Yeah bro, I’m talking Poland, Finland, Albania, those kinds of places.”

“Really see something a bit different you know.”

More to come.


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