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After 18-months of fly-in fly-out work in the WA mining scene, Nathan Broadbridge (29) has shown his friends just how much the lifestyle hasn’t changed him by organising his birthday dinner at their local Hog’s Breath.

While there are multiple venues he could have selected, such as gastro pubs, restaurants and even RSL function rooms, Broadbridge has chosen to celebrate his 30th birthday at the South Betoota Hog’s Breath with a table of people who weren’t aware the popular steakhouses were still a thing. 

“We had to cancel the strippergram. It would just seem wrong for her to show up while a family of six is trying to enjoy a Rocky Road Sundae,” explained one friend.

“What year is it? The last time I went to a Hog’s Breath was the same day the Olympic Torch relay passed through Betoota!”

Famous for their fusion of no-frills dining and comically steep prices, Hog’s Breath is most known for being the venue the group dinner takes place at when the first choice of venue was unavailable and for somehow cooking a steak over 18 hours.

Traditionally the choice of special dinner whenever the middle child wins an award at school, Broadbridge’s friends were naturally surprised that the usually loose unit picked the Australian themed dinner as the venue for his 30th.

“Has he forgotten what celebrations are meant to be like? Has he eaten that many in-flight meals that a Tex-Mex steak sounds like the sort of thing you eat on a special occasion?”

In a previous statement made on the Facebook event “Big Nat’s B’Day @ Hoggies,” Broadbridge stated he chose Hogsbreath as he’s looking “Just to have an easy one at Hoggies,” and hopes it’s clear everyone will be paying for their own food.

“I might be on jet ski money but I’m not about to shout twenty blokes to some good ol’ fashioned Hogspitality. That’s such a ‘pissa’ word just quietly. Nah, just wanted a quiet one this year. Take it easy, have a surf and turf and a few Strongbow tins,”

For the time being Broadbridge’s mates are hopeful his FIFO work will bring him closer to home and keep him in touch with his mates and his overall sense of reality.

“I’m hoping Adani opens so he doesn’t have to be as far from home and we can keep an eye on him. That will be the best result for everyone.”

More to come.


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