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Staring at his mate Derek with a mix of awkwardness and fear, local bloke/robot Paul Starr finds himself struggling with what to do.

It appears Derek’s misso has pulled the pin on their six year long relationship, telling him curtly that ‘she just wasn’t feeling it anymore’, before promptly exiting his apartment.

And no, she didn’t care to come back for the belongings she’d left in his bathroom, which he won’t be able to throw out for at least three months.

Unfortunately, unlike women who instantly turn to their mates for support for any minor convenience, Derek and Paul have always strayed on the light side of friendship, preferring to not get deep into anything. 

Because that side is usually reserved for their partner.

…and now Derek doesn’t have one, so he’s feeling a bit lost.

“Fuck mate, it just came out of nowhere hey”, says Derek, running a hand through his hair in hopes it will stave off any water works, “do you think she’s seeing anyone?”

“Nah mate”, said Paul, equally uncomfortable. 

“Did I do something wrong? Why didn’t she say anything?”

Trying to think of what he could say to make his mate feel better that didn’t venture into just straight up insulting his ex, Paul instead awkwardly stares at the floor, before gently patting Paul’s shoulder and going for some cliche reassurance.

“It’ll be alright mate.”

“More fish in the sea.”


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