Tuesday marked the end of an era for self-assessed legend Pauly “the man” Denso as he tearfully removed the remnants of the faded Bad Boy Club sticker from the rear window of his 1997 Hyundai Excel where it had been proudly displayed for over 20 years.

“Yeah, a bit devvo at the moment, you know what I mean?” said Pauly, 36. “it’s like a part of my identity has gone. I was living the Bad Boy life to the extreme. You know, talking back to the teacher, using Mickey D’s trays to do wicked front wheel drive drifting. I didn’t even do my homework, what were they going to do? Put me on detention? Like, I was on detention already so they could suck it, dude. hahaha”

But whilst the sticker is gone, Pauly is adamant the car isn’t going anywhere. “Plenty of life left in the beast for sure, mate. You’re looking at the sickest ride in town; I did all the work myself. Clarion CD player, four 45w speakers, 10” sub, Playboy seatcovers so the ladies know what I’m all about. Yeah, I’ll keep this for sure. Had some pretty wild times in the old sin bin, mate” he laughed, unconvincingly.

As for his own plans for the future, Pauly says he’s not ready to settle down just yet. “Nah, as you can tell from the mags, I’m still a loose unit. Keen as to get out of the fast food industry, but. Maybe I should get into hospo, or take a TAFE course. Whatever man, que sera sera. It means like whatever, just see how I go hahahaha”.

More to come.


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