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A local 27-year-old who only recently stopped buying boxed wine has this evening executed what he thinks is a successful wine swirl while at dinner with his future father-in-law.

It’s believed that Will Mueller had been studying Netflix documentaries for two weeks prior to the dinner, all in an effort to impress the wine loving patriarch of his girlfriend’s family. 

“Mate, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing” Will told our reporter over the phone, shortly after the wine swirl in question.

“I think I did a good job, he was keeping a pretty close eye on me when I did it”

“Lucky I’d been watching that sommelier series on Netflix, otherwise I’d be completely fucked.”

As anyone knows, swirling wine at a restaurant is the quickest way to let everyone around you know that you went to private school and are pleased to see Scott Morrison be elected Prime Minister.

The Advocate reached out to Betoota’s top sommelier, who last year took out second place in the world sommelier’s competition, to better understand the nuances of wine swirling and whether it did anything other than make you look like a dickhead.

“Well, yes” he laughed pompously.

“Swirling wine introduces more oxygen to the wine, which in turn makes the wine give off its aromas and soften”

“Anyone who knows anything about wine knows to let it breathe first” he said looking down at our reporter over his nose.

More to come.


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