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A French Quarter man has confided in The Advocate today about something that happened to him on the weekend that left him with an odd feeling in his stomach.

Dylan Westacott said he was railroaded into complimenting his friend’s strange-looking baby on Saturday afternoon at a Christmas barbeque – something he says creeped him out.

“That kid gives me the heebeejeebees,” he said.

“I know what you’re thinking, it might be a birth defect or something but we’ve asked them and they said no with a mild look of offence on their face,”

“What they do is is that come up and say hi and everything, then try to get the little freak to say high but he’s nine months old so he just looks at you with those big googly eyes while he loads his britches! Then they’re like, ‘Isn’t he a big handsome boy these days?’ and you just have to stand there and say, ‘Oh me, oh my, yes he is! He’s going to be such a looker in a few years!'”

“It’s all lies. What can you do? Can someone tell me?”

Our reporter could not, offering him only a gentle backslap and the promise that things might get better and 2019 will be his year.

More to come.


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