Betoota local Patrick “Spiderman” Hayes has inadvertently found himself international fame after wandering out to the bins and into the hearts of dancers everywhere as he stumbled through a spiderweb and subsequently invented an exciting new move.

The “Electric Ninja”, which involves walking normally across the dancefloor, before suddenly ripping invisible spiders off your body in a panicked manner whilst shouting and waving your limbs about has been embraced by nightclub patrons across the globe after security camera footage of Patrick accidentally inventing the move went viral last month.

A quick search of the internet reveals many amateur dancers attempting to put their own spin on the new craze.

In some cases, the transition between walking normally and freaking the fuck out is timed to coincide with a bass drop for added effect, and can even end with the performer throwing his or her shirt on the floor and stomping on it or simply running away.

Meanwhile, Patrick is reluctant to discuss his new-found fame.

“I don’t even dance, mate; I was just trying to take the bins out when I walked through a real big spiderweb. Next thing I know the wife is having a good old laugh and uploading the security camera footage to the internet or whatever. Now David Letterman wants me to come to America, Tracy Grimshaw won’t stop calling. It’s crazy.”

When asked whether the experience had changed him, Patrick was adamant he was still the same man he was before that fateful day.

“Nah, I’m still me, you know; same job, same car, same family. I haven’t changed at all mate, but the yard sure has. Had to burn most of it to the ground to make sure it didn’t happen again. And the bins are over here now, next to the door”.


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