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A convicted murderer has had his sentence reduced to time already served after the sentencing judge heard evidence that the man was a Scorpio, and was simply displaying classic Scorpio behaviour at the time of the offence.

Michael Hovis, 36, became enraged when a fellow guest at a party returned from the bathroom with suspiciously dry hands which led to a physical altercation. After exchanging blows for several minutes, Hovis stabbed the man with a bamboo tiki torch, causing fatal injuries.

Although he plead guilty at his trial last month, Hovis walked free yesterday after explaining to the sentencing judge that Scorpios have determined and single-minded personalities, which explained why he couldn’t let the lack of handwashing go.

Furthermore, Scorpios were resentful and intense which explained his resulting violent actions.

Sentencing Judge Emily Dawson said whilst the crime was unacceptable, it was clear that Hovis was a Scorpio and had been for most, if not all of his life. Judge Dawson described the offending as “classic Scorpio behaviour” and found that Hovis’ actions, whilst shocking, could be attributed solely to his astrological sign.

Hovis sentence was immediately commuted to time served and he was released on the condition he stay at least 50m away from bamboo tiki torches.


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