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Amongst his friendship group, David Wilson is not known for his ingenuity however this evening in his lakeside apartment in Betoota Sound he has easily silenced all his critics and has actually performed something quite innovative.

While cooking a delicious carbonara for his girlfriend, “the type without cream” he says, David’s pepper grinder ran out of peppercorns.

As anyone who has ever refilled a pepper grinder would know, it is not easy to fit those tiny, quick little buggers into the narrow opening of the grinder.

David explains to The Advocate that he usually gets quite stressed whenever he has to refill his grinder.

“I just spill peppercorns everywhere, as soon as one bounces off the grinder and on to the floor, I know it’s game over”

According to David’s girlfriend, he had started suffering from Pepper Paralysis, an irrational phobia of refilling the pepper grinder for fear of spilling peppercorns everywhere.

But as David just revealed, those days are gone. “You know what they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”

“It’s like my fear is completely gone!”

David’s fear solving solution is simple, “you just pour peppercorns all over the floor prior to refilling the grinder, that way you don’t even notice if 100 others fall.”

Despite David taking pride in his ability to overcome his fear, his girlfriend is less than impressed.

“It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard or seen, now I spend my whole time just picking up bloody peppercorns – I found some in the freezer the other day, they’re worse than peas!”

More to come.


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