A local retiree from our town’s Betoota Grove has again taken to social media today to let his 56 Facebook friends (who are mostly relatives and fake accounts) that he is disgusted at what has become of the country he once loved.

Incensed for the third time already this week by the Israel Folau saga, Bryan Wilson vented on social media about what he perceives as the death of freedom of speech in this country.

His status about his growing hatred for this country comes only three poorly made memes after he told everyone who doesn’t love Australia, that they should leave it.

Wilson, a 72-year-old retired accountant explained to The Advocate this afternoon that he’s just about had enough.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” he sighed from his backyard.

“Don’t mistake that however for an admission that I won’t fight for this beautiful country though,” he said in some vague implication that he’ll keep posting memes and aggressive statuses on Facebook and lecturing his grandkids about how brainwashed they’ve become.

“We used to be the lucky country you know. Until we gave in to the left week ideological dictatorship and handed over our country to the PC police.”

“Thank god we’ve got Miranda (Devine) and Andrew (Bolt) still fighting the good fight,” explained the owner of 4 negatively geared properties in town which he uses as a moral justification to call people under the age of 30 who don’t own a home lazy.

“Because I’m scared for the future of this country,” said the boomer who doesn’t believe in climate change.


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