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Gazing adoringly at her cat purring happily away on her chest, local woman Nicky Fielding finds herself admiring her immaculate bone structure.

Apart from a lack of lips, Luna’s beautiful almond shaped eyes and pert nose are common features seen on the world’s top models. In fact, she could give Bella Hadid a run for her money.

And if Nicky is being perfectly honest with herself, Luna is far prettier than most people she knows…herself included.

As someone who wasn’t blessed with jutting cheekbones or the ‘snatched look’ as it’s called these days, Nicky finds it very unfair that an animal fits today’s beauty standards better than she could ever hope to – what’s worse, is that Luna is completely unaware of her pretty privilege.

Luckily, though her cat is unfairly blessed in the face department, Nicky finds comfort in knowing that Luna has a FUPA as well.

More to come.


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