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Demi Munro describes herself as a lady of simple tastes and pleasures.

Cold rosé on a Friday night and pair of jeans that fight just right and so on.

So when she heard Dylan Carmichael, a used car salesman at Tyson Ford South Betoota, rip open his Ripcurl wallet down at the Dolphins Leagues Club last night, she knew she had to introduce herself.

“Nice wallet,” she said, edging closer to Dylan.

Think she was taking the piss out him, the 29-year-old raised his eyebrows and smiled with his lips pursed.

“Yeah? I bet you like nice houndstooth jacket, too? My grandpa died in it watching Wheel of Fortune if that also piques your interest,” he replied.

Brushing aside his obvious social short comings, Demi assured him that she was serious, that she loves seeing grown men with Velcro wallets.

“I bet you’ve had that same wallet since you were a kid,” she said. “I bet you’re really responsible and aren’t the type of train wreck male that loses their wallet every ten minutes.”

But Dylan hadn’t had this particular Velcro wallet since he was a kid – and he is the type of person who loses his wallet every ten minutes.

“That’s why I’ve got a Velcro wallet at the moment. Because I lost my old wallet on the piss last week,” he told our reporter after bumping into him at the urinal.

“What do I say?” he asked.

Our reporter then promptly told him to lie because that’s what all men inevitably do.

More to come.


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