Local woman Emma Shields was fifteen minutes into watching ‘The Quiet Place’ with her boyfriend, Paul when she decided to switch it to something less scary.

Despite knowing that the chances of her running into a sound sensitive monster were quite low, Emma felt much safer watching a documentary about unsolved crimes. “I’m not weird or anything, I promise,” insists Emma.

“I just like knowing what to watch out for.”

Her latest binge, a 90 min feature-length about women being snatched from their homes, got Emma thinking about her own possible abduction.

“I wonder what picture they’d use of me if I went missing,” says Emma, trawling through her Facebook page.

“I hope they wouldn’t pick one where I look like a dickhead.”

As the night progressed and the paranoia started to kick on, Emma did what any normal person would do and had a closer look at the photos she’d posted online.

“I’d be mortified if they’d used some of my Schoolies ones.” “Hard to feel empathy for a murder victim when you see them playing Goon Of Fortune.”

“Or vomiting into an Agapanthus bush.”

It’s revealed that Emma later removed all of her duck face photos in the odd chance she got murdered and the Daily Mail got wind of it.

More to come.


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