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A local woman has this week appealed to her boyfriend’s soft side after having a serious case of the food envies, it’s reported.

Choosing a popular restaurant in betoota’s bustling french quarter, Milly Rogan [25] made the unwise decision to opt for a fishy dish instead of her usual carbs in a bid to be more healthy – a decision that may have been   from the massive blowout she had on the weekend.

However, despite it being a celebratory occasion for Owen’s hot new promotion, it was Milly who found herself with the better meal – her eyes practically turning into saucers after taking one look at his parmy.


“That looks so good haha.’

Going a little bit quiet before her voice went up a few octaves, Milly wistfully admits she ‘wished she’d gotten that instead’ in what can only be described as the real life version of the 🥺 emoji.

It’s alleged it only took a few more seconds of her sadly pushing the piece of salmon around on her plate before Owen let out a huff and wordlessly switched the plates around.

More to come.


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