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A local woman has found herself embarking on her quarterly ‘cry thinking about a loved one dying’, which has become a masochistic ritual of hers usually reserved for bedtime.

Often lying dramatically in the dark as she stares at the ceiling, Maeve Crowley [27] will go through all five stages of grief, including the exact moment she’s informed about the death and how she imagines she’d deal with the sudden loss.

This weird habit has likely formed due to her reaching an age where people around her are starting to experience loss, and coming to terms with the fact that her parents are getting older and are no longer the seemingly spritely and carefree adults she remembered as a kid. 

That, and only being able to visit her parents a few times a year, which means Maeve finds herself observing changes she wouldn’t have noticed had she seen them more often, such as the forming of a hand tremor she was sure wasn’t there a few months ago.

Now, as she stares at her beloved cat Nino curled up on the couch next to her, Maeve finds a few wayward tears making their way down her face as she ponders his short life.

Because if the average cat lifespan is fourteen, that means Nino only has seven years left.

Seven short years. She’ll only 34.

34 and without Nino.

“Niinnnno”, she splutters, attempting to grab him for a cuddle, “noooOooo.”

Unfortunately Maeve’s sudden burst of hysterics prompted Nino to immediately exit the premises, which just made Maeve sob even harder.

More to come.


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