A local sucker for punishment has done it again this week.

After a big day at work, Elyse Kovacic decided to top it all off by committing to an extremely complicated and a lengthy dinner recipe.

With the year pretty much bow-tied, and a takeaway meal or some mince poured onto some nachos perfectly justifiable, the young bank clerk decided to go all out for some reason.

“It said it took 30 mins to prep and 30 mins to cook,” she sighed halfway through the outlandishly lengthy process.

“I should have known that means it’s at least a 90-minute process.”

“Fuck you, Jamie, you greasy looking mid 90’s pop singer, you are a lying piece of shit.”

Kovacic said she was seconds away from just giving up on the stupid recipe before remembering how much time she had invested in shopping for all of the little random ingredients and preparing the meal for one.

“When the fuck am I going to use these stars of anise again.”

“Jesus, I’ve got to concentrate and finish this thing, can you just leave me alone please,” she said to The Advocate. 

We obliged.

Kovacic said she wasn’t keen to talk about how the meal ended up last night, but has promised herself she’s not going down a rabbit hole like that again for a while.


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