Snorting and snuffling, a sick Amanda Peterson shuffles her way into her living room with a cup of hot tea and a doona in tow, as she purveys the room for a perfect place to nestle into a fetal position.

The twenty-six-year-old was reportedly struck with a stuffy nose and frontal headache a few days ago, and was for the first time in her life, happy to learn it was nothing more than seasonal sinusitis.

But this hasn’t made the whole process of being sick any easier.

Grumbling ‘I’m bored’, to no one in particular, a grumpy Amanda devolves into a series of inaudible grunts and moans as she refreshes her Instagram feed for the fourteenth time that day.

Her efforts to entertain herself are, however, unsuccessful, as no one else is doing anything that warrants any form of content creation, rendering her social media addiction useless.

With nothing left to do except ponder the futile existence of man, a weary Amanda looks longingly at the bottle of Sailor Jerry’s nestled in the corner of her kitchen bench and contemplates using the special sauce to fast track a few monotonous hours.

Pausing briefly to check whether the antibiotics she’s on would interact badly with alcohol, Amanda chuckles to herself darkly.

More to come.


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