A local woman has today gotten pretty full on with her description of things she’d let her celebrity hall pass do, it’s reported.

This topic was said to have come during a walk with the girls, with each member of the group listing a celebrity they’d like to root if given the chance.

As the usual responses of Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds and every single Marvel man entered the chat, one friend took it a step further by giving an in-depth rundown of everything she’d let him get away with, in a level of detail so precise, it was clear she’d thought about this quite a lot.

Funnily enough, the over-the-top responses were met with murmured agreement from all of the girls, who confirmed that Zac Efron ‘could get it anytime he wants.’

“I don’t even care if he cheated on me with twenty different women. Heck, I don’t even care if he slept with my mum.”

“I’m not even joking haha.”

More to come.


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