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A local woman has had the shock of her life this afternoon after completely forgetting that armpit hair existed, it’s reported.

As someone who mostly had female friends, and worked with male employees who couldn’t exactly rock up to an office sporting a singlet,  Winnie Gresham [25] has gone roughly four years without seeing a single tuft of armpit hair in real life – nor had she seen much on the screen either, as she’d never watched a single basketball game.

So when she spotted her work colleague exiting the bathroom one late afternoon wearing gym gear, Winnie found herself having quite the jump scare when he raised his arm to comb back his hair, her confused brain mistaking his pit hair for some kind of dark void, or perhaps some terrifying woodland creature.


“Oh fuck sorry, you scared me.”

Not wanting to explain that she was used to dealing with her socially constructed beauty norms, Winnie mumbles something about zoning out and returns to her work, with the image of Brad’s hairy jungle seared in her mind.

More to come.


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