A prominent Betoota businessman is greasing some palms the good old fashioned way this evening, taking a group of local town councillors out for a lavish RSL Chinese meal.

At 6:56pm this evening, it’s understood local tyre tycoon Bob ‘Bogged’ Newman, the owner of several auto-repair and wheel alignment garages in the Diamantina, was spotted ushering several Betoota councillors onto a table at the Emperor’s Garden Chinese Restaurant, located within the RSL.

Settling into their places around the Lazy Susan, it’s believed the group of elected diplomats are preparing to strap on the feedbag and stick their snouts into a delicious trough of corruption, served with a side of sweet n’ sour sauce.

Cheersing a round of ‘Golden Microphones’ (Crown Lagers) with a hearty cackle, it’s believed ‘Bogged’ Bob kicked off the occasion by toasting, ‘To good business!’.

Speaking to the tyre magnate, whose collection of auto parts stores have won Betoota’s prized “Small Auto-Business of the Year” award the past three years running, it’s believed tonight’s dinner has been spurred on by the recent bouts of rain.

“Ever since La Nina swept through in March, there’s not a single street in town that doesn’t have a foot deep moon crater sitting in the road.”

“Just quietly I might be the only bloke in town that loves a pothole, cos frankly they’re good for business!”

Asked whether he had anything to do with the 6-month delay in road repairs, ‘Bogged’ Bob told The Advocate that he had little sway in the speed of local roadworks.

“Mate I don’t sit on council, so it’s not up to me to repair these bloody roads.”

“I’m just taking a few friends out to dinner, and if the subject of the new planned homemaker centre comes up and I happen to swindle my Supacheap Auto store a new council funded driveway, then so be it!”

“But we’ll discuss the potholes over a Mongolian Lamb first, I’ve gotta leave something to chat about over the fried ice cream!”

More to come.


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