Local truckin’ man, Joe Warrego (35) has today informed fellow motorists that he now works himself!

After years of moving freight as a company man, Joe has finally pulled together enough coin to get his own truck, which he operates as business.

Joe says it only took a decade on the road but he’s finally decided upon a company name that he feels suits his operation: Joe’s Trucking.

However, it wasn’t the new company card that confirmed his new status a small business owner.

It wasn’t all the paperwork and visits to the bank, and it wasn’t the postman delivering him a high interest credit card that he’s since been hammering on chocolate milk and servo pies.

It was the moment he finally sacked up and paid a local spray shop ten grand to coat his rig in a Cadbury purple flame design that he got his cousin’s tattoo artist mate to draw up.

“Not bad aye” says Joe, to just about everyone who glances vaguely in his direction at the truck stop.

“If you reckon she looks fast now, you should see her going down the range”



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