Local tough guy, Jai Hipgrave (26) has taken the last 3 months in isolation as an opportunity to think about all the things he took for granted.

He regrets not following up his mate from work about joining the local rugby league club for a social season.

He regrets not hammering Tinder a little bit harder and finding himself an Iso-root to lock down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He regrets not working harder to build a stronger bond with his young son that he hasn’t seen since he paid a ten minute visit to the child’s mother’s house on the Gold Coast, before a mates bucks party last January.

But most of all, he regrets not getting a gut full of piss and making an absolute fool of himself as much as he could have before this virus took away his personal freedoms.

Sitting around the back deck at a mate’s house in Betoota Heights today, Jai makes a promise to himself, and his mates.

“As soon as all this shit wraps up, I am going to tear the dance floor at Caesars a new arsehole” he says, with clear determination in his voice.

“I haven’t done it in a while, but I reckon I’m gonna have a bit of a boogie”

While Jai is far from unfamiliar with Betoota’s premiere nightspot ‘Caeser’s Chalice’ in the Roma Hills nightlife precinct – he actually hasn’t been seen on the dance floor there since he took some weird pills his mate Jonus gave him after a work Christmas party in 2016.

But now is the time, he reckons.

Well, in a couple months from now.

“Just you watch” he says to his cheering group of five socially-distant mates.

“I am gonna burn the roof of the motherfucker”


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