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A bloke has today proved he might just be a modern day Socrates, delivering a thought provoking argument about towels.

It’s alleged the man in question, Dave Templeton [32] was questioned by his girlfriend Bec this afternoon, who’d suspected he’d been using the same towel for almost three weeks. 

Hoping that he instead just so happened to own multiple towels of the same colour, Lisa had innocently inquired about the last time he’d washed it, to which he’d given a brutally honest answer to. 

Unfortunately Lisa’s rebuttal of ‘that’s disgusting’ was allegedly met with a pretty decent argument, which Dave explains to The Advocate.

“If I go into a shower and clean myself, then when I come out of it I’m clean right?” asks Dave, to which our reporter nods.

“If I dry myself off with a towel, it’s just absorbing clean water.”

“So how does a towel get dirty then? I’m technically washing it.”

Pausing a moment to think, our reporter realises that he might actually be right.

“Like think about it, what’s the difference between leaving a wet towel to dry on the clothes line and leaving a wet towel to dry on a rack?”

“Absolutely nothing.”

“It cleans itself.”

More to come.


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