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A city worker’s morning today was punctuated with strange run in at his new gym.

Russell Sturrock, a public servant with the Department of Health, recently joined The Remienko Club. As one of the Diamantina’s mid-tier business and social clubs, it offers a wide range of opportunities for like-minded men and unfortunately, women, to meet and enjoy each other’s company.

It also has a full gym, 17-metre outdoor pool and sauna facilities – which is where the 42-year-old found himself interrupting something this morning.

Sturrock sat beside the door in his black board shorts, still dripping from the pool.

He turned to look at the three other blokes in the sauna. They were all looking at him. He recounted what happened next to The Advocate this afternoon.

“I could feel these blokes, looking at me,” he said.

“It really made my spidey senses tingle. That bit in your lizard brain that makes you feel like you’re in danger. Like someone’s watching you.”

The sauna casual looked over at the blokes again and smiled. They didn’t smile back. He looked at the clock through the door and only half a minute had passed.

“I did notice they were all wearing towels and I wasn’t. Maybe that was the problem,” he continued.

“One of them opened his towel and refolded it. At least he wasn’t completely nude.”

After about 15 minutes, one of the bloke’s coughed. Then they started talking.

“I was never more pleased to hear someone speak Russian,” said Sturrock.

“Oh man. I thought it might’ve been one of those saunas. You know what I mean?”

More to come.


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