A local man has reportedly been using a display picture on multiple dating apps of himself with a dog, for longer than the  actual lifespan of the dog in said photo.

Michael Spring(35) was an early adopter of the popular dating app Tinder back in 2014, he believes he may have been one of the first men to discover that posing with a cute dog for a display photo increases chances of good matches 10 fold.

“Those were the days weren’t they, I was 25 years old and dominating the Tinder algorithm with my dog sidekick that I didn’t even know the name of”

“We were like Tintin and Snowy” Michael reminisced.

When questioned on how Michael actually met his canine friend, he was unable to answer.

“Honestly, I don’t even know, I think it might have been at a drink up at my ex’s friends housewarming? I don’t even know the things name but it feels like we’ve been through so much together, I’ve literally been talking about him for a decade every time a girl matches with me on the apps”

Tragically, after 10 years of being a random blokes Tinder profile mascot, the dog passed away.

Michael was unaware.

“This must be a joke, wait, are you serious?” Michael seemed to be in a state of denial when informed of the dogs passing by The Advocate.

“This… this can’t be” He said as his face began to lose its colour.

The reporter on the scene went on to assure Michael that the dog died a peaceful death.

“I don’t care about how the dog died, does this mean I have to change my profile pic?! That’s what matters right now, I need to start looking for a new dog. Today!” Michael confessed moments before rushing out to find a new dog to take a photo with.

No one knows the name or even the owners of the dog that died.

The dog has gone on to represent the millions of dogs around the world being used by bachelors on dating apps as a way of attracting unsuspecting people that assume these bachelors are just responsible dog owners.

The dog has been memorialized as the ‘Unknown Dog’


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