A local suit is coming to terms with the fact he is a ‘fucking idiot,’ it can be confirmed.

This comes after the young man made the same mistake he’s made numerous times over the course of his work life, again.

Stupidly, naively and ambitiously, the local accountant decided to order himself a healthy salad ahead of what will probably be another gross weekend again.

However, barely 10 minutes after polishing off the water masquerading as vegetables, Dale Bevan is now coming to terms with the fact he has to go and get a second lunch.

“I’ve done this too many fucking times,” he sighed.

“I should know way better. But I don’t.”

“It’s a huge pendulum swing too. Instead of a healthy lunch to get me on the right side of my body, I’ve now had one and a half proper meals and am going to feel like a piece of shit for the rest of the afternoon.”

“And you can’t get something little to fill the whole, I have to go and by another meal.”

“Fuck me,” he said before trudging off to the elevator shaking his head.


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