In some breaking news from Legends Gym in Betoota Heights, local Gym Bro Brad Parker finally has had the purchase of his expensive altitude training mask validated.

The CBD accountant who lives his with his aspiring bikini model real estate agent girlfriend in a new project home, explained to The Advocate today that it’s great that other people have gotten on board.

“Bro, altitude training is actually so superior to just training normally,” explained the man who is always ‘that guy’ at the gym.

“So it’s good that all these noobs have finally started trying to train like actual beasts,” explained the man who is very partial to a low grunt during the final reps of what every exercise he is doing.

His comments follow consistent publication of research and articles that prove that training with one of those stupid Bain masks is like trying to train for swimming by sticking your head in the toilet – as they don’t simulate the atmospheric pressure of altitude, they just make it way harder to breathe.

However, Brad Paker says all of the research saying altitude masks don’t do anything are bullshit.

“Do your own research bro, they are legit. Besides, they make you look bad arse aye.”

Paker did admit it’s kind of sad that he’s not the only person wearing a mask at the gym, but it’s good the sheep are finally listening.


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