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A lively GP super clinic located on the outskirts of Betoota Heights has today come under fire from angry locals after its recent policy change to no longer offer bulk-billing services.

Local GP and super clinic owner, Dr John Paul Sartre, told The Advocate that while historically he has bulk-billed, it is no longer possible given the amount they are reimbursed by the government is simply not enough.

“I can make more money if I don’t bulk-bill,” Dr Sartre said matter of factly.

“Look, the reason I originally set the clinic up here was because this is a lower socio-economic area and there’s no medical services for miles in any direction. I was young and idealistic and wanted to do the right thing,” he explained.

“But after 20 years of the bullshit, especially the Covid years, I’m asking why the hell am I killing myself for an average six figure wage when I’m a fucking doctor!? Since when do doctors earn an average wage?”

“Meanwhile, I’ve got an old university chum who works in the city as a Neurosurgeon and he earns upwards of $600k a year,” Sartre said.
“I earn half that. Plus I’ve got to cover the costs of running the clinic and not to mention put up with all the crazies waltzing in each day.” 

Increasingly, local GPs across Australia claim the amount they are reimbursed by the Medicare scheme is not enough to cover expenses, leaving them little option but to pass costs on to patients.

“The struggle is real,” admitted Sartre. “I’m lucky because I’ve got a super clinic, so we’re still raking it in. But the smaller clinics are doing it tough.” 

“Even with a super clinic, though, I almost struggle to afford my annual 8 week European holiday each winter.”

“I didn’t become a doctor to not be able to take annual European holidays. I should have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank, and be the envy of everyone who walks through these clinic doors. They should look at me, see my healthy tan, and marvel at my calm and collected countenance that stems from a sharp intellect.”

“I should be unattainable. Instead, I’m barely coming away with a six figure wage.”

Dr Sartre placed his head in his hands. “I should’ve become a fucking Neurosurgeon in the city.”


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