A dating app overhaul is underway in a French Quarter lounge room this evening as a group of housemates help a desperate friend revitalise her love life.

Parked up on the couch wearing green tea face masks with her housemates Siobhan and Meera, local primary school teacher Sara Bridgewater (29) has decided it’s time to get a bit more serious about finding herself a bloke in 2023.

Having spent the last week getting minimal matches on her Hinge profile, Sara decided it was time to try and game the app’s algorithm and upload a bunch of new photos and conversation prompts.

Armed with a cute snap from New Years eve, which showed her giggling into a glass of Yellowglen whilst holding a sparkler at a rooftop party, Sara realised she had the perfect ammo to spruce up her account for a January refresh.

Analysing the old carousel of images that she’s been running since last Easter, Sara put which photo she should trade-in to vote between her housemates as they all half watched a match at the Australian Open.

“Should I lose the ski trip one, you can’t really see my face?” asked Sara, referring to the photo of her making snow angels at Thredbo.

“Or maybe that shot of me riding that camel in Morocco?”

“Nah drop the snow one, no one looks good in ski gear,” noted Siobhan leaning over for a quick squiz.

“And I think you can drop the Morocco one, it’s been almost five years since you were there,” added Meera honestly.

Expertly cropping her New Years Eve photo into place, Sara took a moment to decide whether she’d try and mix it up with some photo caption comedy.

“Do you think I should add a photo prompt too, maybe the ‘As seen on my Mom’s fridge’ one?”

“Nah don’t bother,” replied Meera knowingly, “People will think you’re thinking about it too much.”

More to come.


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