Local woman, Anna Peters (27) has taken a huge gamble in uploading a captionless selfie with the new bloke she’s been seeing, well before anyone knows if this is going to be a sure thing.

The bloke in question, who is commonly known as ‘Donger’ to his close mates, says the Instagram post was a huge call from Anna.

“Mate, it’s either her being too eager or it’s some sort of hectic power play” said the 30-year-old former pantsman.

“My phone’s been running hot with mutual friends wondering if it’s as serious as the photo would suggest”

“Too be honest, I was kind of getting a bit bored of this thing, but it looks like I’m locked in for winter now”

Anna’s close friend Bridgette says she’s not sure what’s going on.

“Anna would be the first to fire off screenshots in the group chat if someone else had done something this reckless” she said.

“I guess she just wants to lock him in. The photo in itself was quite vague, like they were in a car park or something… Which makes it look even more serious”

“She’d wanna hope he doesn’t do a runner… That’d be a reallllly bad look”

Anna says it’s nothing and they are just friends and oh my God what do you think she meant by posting this.



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