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As she attempted to shield her eyes from the pulsating lights, local woman Charlie Sanders was instantly transported back to her days of being a pinger rat at Prohibition.

Not because a disinterested twenty something girl has asked her to pay $20 for entry, but due to the sheer sensory overload and feeling of disorientation. 

It’s alleged Charlie had been mindlessly wandering around the city to kill some time before meeting a mate for a drink, when she found herself being beckoned by the flickering of lights and pulsating beats of a place that looked to be some kind of underground portal – also known as the entryway to streetwear clothing brand ‘Culture Kings.’

Instantly on edge as her body tried to adjust to the barrage to her senses, Charlie quickly forgot exactly where she was or what her plans were for that day – instead becoming hypnotised by the LED lights, swift changing videos and heavy bass.

Chatting to The Advocate, Charlie says the setup and sheer amount of hoodies and snapbacks reminded her of the days she spent club hopping with her drug dealer ex.

“Fuck me, am I old?” asks Charlie, “I almost had an anxiety attack.”

Adding that they ‘must have spend a fuck ton on the LEDs’, Charlie says she might need to be a few cruisers deep to do it again.

More to come.


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