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A young man from the Betoota Heights district is facing criticism around town this morning for an extremely provocative action.

With the Game Of Thrones hype at an all-time high, Bradley Simpson has risked life and limb today by driving around town revealing a huge spoiler to fans of the hit series.

Revealing spoilers has long been regarded in the community as one of the most heinous crimes, and can attract severe punishment from the community and the judicial system.

Barnaby Joyce knows first hand how risky the behaviour can be, after he was punched for revealing a Stranger Things spoiler in a Tamworth pub a little while back.

However, much to the relief of many who were ready to go for the young man, the spoiler comes in the form of a hideous black automotive aerodynamic device on the back of his white Lancer.

“Haha pretty good aye,” said Simpson, motioning to the car which is pride and joy.

“Yeah I love the show, and though a sweet stencil would look awesome on the spoiler,” he said.

“Haven’t actually had that much good feedback on it to be honest, but whatever, I reckon it looks sweet.”

The young man then hopped back in his car and slowly meandered to the exit of The Advocate’s offices before sending it around the corner onto Daroo street and punching an orange light.


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