Local woman Hannah Statham thinks she might have found the one tonight.

It’s alleged the twenty-three-year-old bartender was set up by a mutual friend after lamenting that she’d been unable to find a nice guy on dating apps. Having exhausted Tinder, Bumble and even Hinge, Hannah had almost given up her quest for love when she’d met Darren – a Gold Coast tradie with a love for sun, surf, hiking and watching Netflix. 

A gushing Hannah tells our reporter that she was relieved to find someone a bit different and that she’d been ‘thoroughly impressed with his perfect recall of Will Ferrell movies.’

“It was crazy! Like he knows the movie Step Brothers word by word”, says Hannah, smiling dreamily, “he does a pretty good impression of him too.”

“Honestly it’s a nice change of pace, usually the guys I date just tell me how much they want to quit their job and study psychology.”

“I’m like ‘yeah dude, we all think about doing that.”

When queried if there’ll be another date with the prize catch, Hannah can barely contain her glee.

“Yes, he’s invited me to his house next Thursday!”

“Says he can’t wait to show me The Office.”

More to come.


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