8 September, 2016. 10:15


Local degenerate, Tyler Watson (35) isn’t really worried that nearly 800,000 Brazzers subscribers have had their personal details exposed in a major security breach, even though he is one of them.

The IT worker is well aware that the premium porn website has been infiltrated by hackers who stole the details of registered users worldwide from forums associated with the site on which porn fans discuss favourite scenes and performers. However, this severe invasion of privacy doesn’t seem to worry Mr Watson. In fact, it excites him.

The 9th-year fee-paying veteran of Brazzers told The Betoota Advocate this morning that after nearly a decade of intense browsing through the world of adult entertainment, very seldom does he find an MP4 that gets his blood rushing like it used to in his early days.

He says the idea of complete strangers reading through his search history and disgusting contributions to online porn forums gets him quite hot under the collar.

“I don’t behave on the internet, not many single men do…” says Mr Watson says with a cheeky smile.

“…and to be honest I’m kind of excited by the fact that a complete stranger can see what people like me are looking at. My porn collection is quite… diverse.

“These hackers could learn a bit from me”

With his left eye lid still twitching, Mr Watson then cracked his knuckles and giggled – before eating an entire handful of jellybeans.

“I’m a sick puppy… I want them to watch”




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