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Fuck me.

Freya Halliday has stupidly agreed to go to a beer festival.

Not just any kind of beer festival, but a craft beer festival. 

Which as you can imagine, is just as boring as it sounds.

After paying $30 entry each to get into the damn thing, Freya and her friends have so far spent twenty minutes trying to scope out the shortest line, and then another fifteen minutes waiting for a shockingly overpriced craft beer. And no, they weren’t allowed to double park either.

That, mixed the overwhelming amount of testosterone, disgusting portaloos and an inability to hear each other, and Freya would have thought she was out bloody clubbing. Though arguably, clubbing would have been way more fun.

Actually, if Freya was being completely honest with herself, drinking cruisers in the park like she did as a teenager would have been more fun.

“And a lot less expensive”, she thinks, taking a sip out of a $14 plastic cup of what essentially was fruity yeast.

More to come.


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