A local concreter is been hailed as a creative genius across the country today.

The torrent of praise comes for the tradesman named George Kostoglou after he developed a beautiful new concrete finish.

“Yeah not fucking bad ah,” said Kostoglou on site this afternoon.

“I call it, Le Cig,” he laughed.

The Betoota Heights local said he came up with the design that’s being lauded as stunning and brave a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to perfect it before he sent it out to the public.

“See, obviously a lot of concreters chuck the butts in the Greek Gold when it’s getting poured, or in and around the formwork before it’s poured,” he said.

“So I thought, rather than chucking them in and then burying them before running the float over it, why not chuck in as your finishing the surface.”

“Don’t hide em, let em breathe.”

“Create that yuppie fucking polished concrete with the exposed aggregate look you know.”

“People love that. So I thought people might love the exposed ciggy look, and cleary they do.”

Kostoglou then explained that he’s already sorted out the issue of the butts rotting over time.

“Thought of that, you just gotta put a nice waterproofing finish over it once you’ve sanded it back to preserve the beauty of the finish,” he said.

“Then you can water it to your heart’s content.”

More to come.


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