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A local Year 12 student has felt a wave of relief wash over her body this evening, after some choice words from her cousin.

Strolling home after ‘bombing’ another exam, Aisling McCarney was feeling pretty glum about how she had performed in her final school exams of the last couple of weeks.

However, despite feeling like she had ruined her chance at getting accepted into the deeply flawed university system with an elitist admission model, McCarney was reassured by her cousin.

Rolling past in his 70k HiLux Rogue with all the specs, Tom McCarney reportedly told her to cheer up, because her ‘ATAR doesn’t mean shit.’

The carpenter from Betoota Heights who, aside from the two IT guys, earns the most money in his 2012 year group explained to her that it is just a dumb mark.

“Aisling, don’t worry about it. I got a fucking red dot, and look at me. I earn twice the salary of your Arts/Law graduate sister,” he said.

“It’s a stupid admission system that commercialises education and fails to adequately reflect societal needs,” he laughed.

“You need a higher ATAR to get an Arts degree and work in the Council Comms department than teach the next generation of kids in our school system.”

“It’s fucked. And if you don’t get into whatever you want, just do an undergrad degree and study whatever you want after. Because it sounds like you need two degrees now anyway if you don’t work in the health or education system.”

“Getting into a university degree should be the defining feature of life, particularly given higher education is removed from the reach of a significant proportion of our population because of the calculated and deliberate policies of the ruling class.”

“I’m sure you’ve done fine anyway.”

“Let’s get a beer when your done aye,” he said before offering up a comforting smile and letting the elephant trunk exhaust trumpet, and speeding off around the block.

More to come.


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