While local bull rider, Peter Seeney (29), never had the honour flying out the chute at the Easter Show or the Ekka – he’s still a household name in the Diamantina Shire.

After years on the road with different rodeo circuits, the former juvenile offender turned jackaroo turned reckless showman is slowly climbing the ranks.

With whispers of a paid trip to Brazil or even Texas coming up, it seems Peter may soon be fully exposed to the trans-national culture of competitive bull riding that he has been trying to emulate since his teens.

But until then, he’s forging his own look – one that is more representative of his regional Australian lifestyle

With a fashion sense that has elements of the traditional Outback country and western style, a bit of small town motocross – and a heavy influence of West Coast American gangsta rap – Peter is one of maybe a thousand Australian townies who sit quietly at the end of the bar waiting to be asked if they had a chance to ride Chainsaw.

With his achievements inside the arena on show for all with his giant belt buckle, a black Akubra and paisley shirt – Peter is the last true cowboy. That is, right until you follow his baggy Levi jeans down the chunky DC skate shoes.

It’s a look that is seen at gymkhanas and country race meets right around the country, and one that the older rodeo identities have grown used to – as they realise the kids can’t really afford a nice pair of moleskins and baxters – not when you take into account how much a can of JD and cola nowadays.

With a skinny frame and a filterless rollie permanently fixed to his hand, Peter says you should wait til you meet Howie, who’s currently in the shitter. Because he’s ridden Chainsaw before.


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