With the big day just months away, local bride to be Rebecca Cooper has today decided to tick off one of the biggest logistical issues with her wedding campaign.

The post-release photo strategy.

Biting the bullet, Cooper decided to add another little sprinkle onto the rapidly mounting wedding bill and has today hired a PR company to create the photo release strategy that will deliver optimum results.

“Yeah, these guys specialise in getting multiple triple-figure like posts over a month, 3 month and 12 month campaign, so it was a no brainer,” explained the excited woman about her decision to hire a small bespoke firm from our town’s Old City District that has a smooth but dull pink and white colour scheme and some delicate flowers in its logo.

“Elysee from Wildflower and Dreams says it’s going to be crucial to get that first photo out a week after the actual day, but only one photo, and with a really small and vague caption, to lure people in.”

“It will get the like from all the people who weren’t invited but want to know more, and the vague love heart comments and likes from the people who were invited and feel superior to the others on social media who weren’t.”

“Then we are thinking, a moderately sized album another week later, before the bulk drop at the end of a month.”

“It’s really really exciting, I can’t wait to see what we can achieve.”

“You can’t see likes on Instagram anymore, but apparently the last bride she worked with she got her over 300 for that first post!”


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