A local French Quarter man has been laughed out of a room full of his friends today. 

The humiliating incident occurred when the man named Dylan Roebuck suggested the Pizza Hut order include a few Margherita’s for a Sunday night piss-up. 

With a cacophony of laughter like a few rival kookaburras dueling it out on a calm winter’s morning, Roebuck was forced to endure a barrage of insults for his foolish suggestion. 

With the group of friends gathering around their unsmart TV to watch the Queensland Maroons bring home the title of the greatest gladiators in living history, a few rapid fire drinks had led to time getting away on revelers. 

So, with the kick-off for the pinnacle of sport not far away, the bunch of Western Queenslanders were forced to think quickly and dial in some sustenance. 

With suggestions thrown in for the trusty Pizza Hut man to bring in the classics like Mega Meatlovers, Super Supreme and Surf & Turf – Roebuck decided to through in a strong argument for Margherita pizzas. 

“Why don’t we just get a few Margheritas,” said the man to a very unreceptive room.

Margherita is a typical Neapolitan pizza, made with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, salt, and extra-virgin olive oil – and while quite a delicate and lovely pizza, is not really suitable for the hot-blooded session that is a Sunday night Origin game. 

After revoking the young man’s privileges, the designated orderer then moved on to the more important matters of the day, like whether they should give the Sauce of Origin a whirl. 

“Fucking oath,” laughed one curious local man.

“Get me some of that Maroon sauce drizzled on my Pizza”

“How can you pass that up”

“Live a little”

More to come. 


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