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A group of Brisbane locals have decided to try sharing food at a restaurant instead of having their own dish for a change.

Though this is customary in many cultures and makes a lot of sense, considering food FOMO is a real thing, it’s still a relatively new concept amongst the Nudgee boys – all of whose ancestry is about as culturally diverse as a tin of biscuits.

It’s alleged the idea had sprung from Mark, who’d had his cultural bubble rocked when he attended Yum cha with his girlfriend’s parents. However, despite the boys hesitantly agreeing to give it a go, an Indian restaurant proved to be a tricky training ground for this strange new concept of sharing.

“Um, I think I’ll have the butter chicken?”

“Oh, I was going to get butter chicken though?”

“Yeah, me too, I don’t think I want anything else hey.”

As a cacophony of voices echoed similar statements around the table, the group of boys soon saw themselves with an order for several tubs of butter chicken and a few plates of samosas.

“Maybe if we want to get different Naan bread?”, suggests Aaron, in an attempt to diversify the cuisine a little.

“I want cheesy garlic.”

“Yeah, I’m getting cheesy garlic too.”

“Cheesy garlic for me thanks.”

Luckily, as they were about to hand in their menus to the waitress, one of the boys is said to have had a change of heart and mustered up the courage to try something new.

“Fuck it.”

“I’ll get the Rogan Josh.”

More to come.


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