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Local bloke Jason Croydon is a man of good morals.

Not only has he been drowning his sorrows all week after hearing of the Queen’s passing, but he also thought he’d commemorate her spirit by surrounding himself with some of things she loves the most – horses and dogs.

Which is why, on this fine day, Jason has made his way to The Royal Hotel, which boasts a TAB Machine, $5 Crownies and the best three star rated parmigiana in Betoota.

“I think it would have been what she wanted,” said Jason, his eyes barely straying from the TV, “Visiting one of the couple hundred bars named in her honour.”

“Queen was also pretty into horse racing too, so I imagine this a nice sentient.”

“Not sure about her thoughts on dog racing, but can’t imagine those loaves of bread could run very far.”

Pausing the conversation to let about a guttural ‘YOU FUCKING BASTARD!’, Jason stares gobsmacked at the screen before hastily collecting himself.

“Sorry haha.”

“That was probably a bit disrespectful.”

More to come.


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