Local car detailer, Roycey (28) has today imparted a little bit of wisdom on his uncultured workmates.

This comes as the three blokes hit the Chinese kitchen out the back of the RSL after an afternoon of drilling jars.

Both Ernie (32) and Teddy (45) don’t know too much about oriental cuisine, so they’ve had to let their more cosmopolitan colleague lead the way.

“Yeah g’day love” Roycey says to the young girl at the counter, talking a little extra slow like she might not be able to understand what he says.

“What’s the best meal you reckon? What’s YOUR favourite”

“Personally, I’m more of sweet and sour pork guy myself. But would love to hear your recommendation”

Ernie and Teddy look on in awe as this chameleon navigates his way around the cultural nuances of this foreign land.

As someone who grew up down the road from the Betoota Red Dragon Asian Restaurant, Roycey knows a lot more about the traditions and rituals of the world’s leading economic superpower.

“What do ya reckon?” he asks her again.

It is completely lost on all three of these blokes that the kitchen-hand taking their order is actually a Nepali national – and has had about as much to do with China as they have.

“Yeah. Sweet and sour pork is good” she says.

“Yeah sick” says Roycey.

“Give me a plate of that. But with fried rice instead of the normal rice”

Ernie and Teddy follow his lead. They order the exact same meal. Three serves radioactive orange sweet and sour pork with fried rice, on the same plate, as they make the executive decision to not share meals.

“Better throw in some springies and dimmies too” says Roycey. The boys back his decision.

As they sit back down to a clothless plastic table to continue tipping schooners, Roycey tells the boys to look around.

“See” he says, nodding towards the other patrons.

“Ya know it’s a good Chinese joint cos all the Asians eat here too”

“Yeah true!” says Ernie.

“Good point” says Teddy.

“Must be good”

Exactly eight minutes later the buzzer sounds, signifying that their identical meals are now waiting for them at the counter.

“Mmmmm” says Ernie with a mouthful of battered pork and reheated Mekong prawns”

It would seem that all these Asians are onto something.


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