In Betoota Ponds today, a group of adult male friends known as ‘Bray Street Boys’ finally got the confirmation they were looking for that their mate Cody Bendasiuk (23) was single once again.

Following tradition, Bendasiuk did not inform his mates of his single status via direct conversation possibly due to fear of crying/showing emotions in front of people he loves more than his own father.

The soon to be ready-to-mingle Bendasiuk was outed as single by his mate Joseph Little (24) who saw that Bendasiuk’s phone background was a stock image that came with the phone and not the selfie his former girlfriend changed his phone background to.

“Yeah, we’re quits mate. I deleted her photos off my phone,” stated Bendasiuk, neglecting to mention a file of Snapchat screenshots he may or may not have saved for a rainy day.

“I was going to change it a photo of me and The Boys but what sort of message does that send? Just a nice beach instead. Relaxing.”

According to Bendasiuk, his mates were very understanding about his expired relationship, waiting a record 15 minutes before saying it was great to ‘have him back’ and making fun of his ‘blue balls.’


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