Local bachelor Aaron Wells has been a little out of touch with the ladies since his breakup and has reportedly regressed to his teenage ways.

The heartbroken uni student had recently moved his belongings to an on-campus share house and is rumoured to have only left his room to use the toilet or to heat up some two-minute noodles.

However, Aaron insists that he’s fully committed to his new low budget bachelor lifestyle and loves that he has ‘a space for himself.’

“I feel like I can finally be myself,” Aaron says.

“And do whatever I want WHENEVER I WANT.”

“Nobody’s going to complain about me being on the Xbox now HAHA!”

Despite being a solid 6“4, our reporter notes that the majority of Aaron’s furniture appears to be floor level.

This includes a slightly cracked plasma TV and a smelly bean bag chair which he uses to store the same three shirts he wears on rotation.

“I guess you could say I’m a minimalist,” says Aaron, gesturing to a single mattress with mysterious brown stains, “no bells and whistles here.”

“I just prefer it without a bed frame,” he insists, without provocation.

“It’s more comfortable.”

“…I don’t have time to look for one anyway.”

Our reporter attempts to query him further when Aaron begins to absentmindedly pluck at his out of tune acoustic guitar, signalling that he’s bored with the conversation.

More to come.


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