Prominent Betoota hairdresser and male grooming expert, Elie Corrie (57) says you wouldn’t believe the rare unit they had in the shop this afternoon.

An already pretty loud conversation with one of the customers waiting to go up next has moved forward in leaps and bounds in terms of energy.

The yarn, which was initially about how many more young birds you see getting around with tattoos nowadays, quickly turned into a conversation about how you rarely see any young blokes who don’t have tattoos, and how some of them are just taking the piss.

“Swear to God mate. Up to his eyeballs” says Elie, with passionate use of his free hand while halfway through a straight razor on a seemingly unconcerned regular.

“Mate he must have been off his head. Had to have been”

“Two full blown sleeves, fingers and all mate…. Legs, same thing. Both legs all tattoos”

The customer sitting next to you in the waiting chairs can’t believe what he’s hearing.

“No way” he says, said as more of an exclamation as opposed to actually questioning Elie’s yarn.

Elie responds instantly, as though it was questioning his yarn.

“Wallah. I am not kidding!” he spits, before bringing his daughter into it.

“Tell them. Tell the man Jessie. Two full sleeves”

His daughter, Jessie looks up from the broom and clarifies the story.

“It’s true. Fingers and everything and his legs” she says.

Both men start laughing while Elie runs his fingers down his arms to show where this alleged criminal/drug user had tattoos.

“And guess what mate. And guess what” he says.

“What?” asks the excited customer.

“Head… and neck. As well.” says Elie.

“Swear to Go-uhd”

“I could not believe it”

The customer who must know Elie quite well – given their non-stop referencing of mutual friends – stands up halfway through his fit laughter and makes his way to the now empty chair.

He appears to have bypassed you in the line and there really is nothing you can do about it.


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