A local landlord has avoided the scrutiny of pesky non-homeowners by popping on a high vis vest to disguise himself as a member of the working class.

As the owner of seven odd properties throughout Betoota, construction business owner Bernard Mein (66) states he does not appreciate the constant landlord bashing that has endured as a result of raising his rent by 400% over the last decade.

To combat this criticism, Mein has reached into the Narnian depths of his wardrobe and popped on some high vis gear to prove his a regular working chump just like you.

“I’m not running a charity here,” stated Mein, forgetting that charities can make a profit which is why non-for-profits exist. 

“I didn’t get the properties for free. I had to put in the hard yakka for them.”

“Am I saying that right? Hard yakka?”

Mein would also like to point out that as a married father he is technically a ‘mum and dad investor’ which therefore makes him the sort of investor people should celebrate over his childless contemporaries.

“I’m just a regular fella, with a misso and a couple of mortgages.”

“Other people pay the mortgages but did you see the vest I’m wearing?”


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