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An aspiring Socceroo has today spoken to The Advocate about the prospect of playing soccer in joggers for the foreseeable future.

Tim ‘Timbo’ Hickson (8) explained that he doesn’t mind playing in cheap trainers, but he does struggle with the early morning games and practices down at the Betoota Ponds Bulldogs.

“Joggers are really slippery when the grounds wet,” explained the child of a couple of local pokie addicts.

“But sometimes I like sliding so that’s good,” he laughed.

“Mum and dad said that they would try and get me some new boots next month. So hopefully they don’t go and play on the computers down at the club.”

The young striker said his parents couldn’t get him new gear because they spent their disposable income at the Betoota Ponds Bowling Club – despite displaying all the tell tale signs of being severe problem gamblers.

“They give mum and dad heaps of free stuff down there and the staff are really nice to them, so they seem to just be there all the time,” sighed Timbo, who often gets to enjoy chicken nuggets or party pies for dinner as a result.

“My grandma said it’s really predatory or something, but apparently the Bowlo sponsor the Bulldogs, so the money mum and dad spend there goes back to buying stuff for us kids in a roundabout way”

The Bowlo confirmed to The Advocate today that they generously donated $3,500 to the Bulldogs last year, after allegedly collecting upwards of a million off local gambling addicts.

“We play a huge role in funding community sport, so it justifies bleeding addicts of all their money,” said a spokesperson for the club.

“Besides, it’s a free country. If addicts decide to gamble all their money away, that’s on them, not us.”


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